.Branding Brief_

Fill out our brief and tell us your vision. We will evaluate your needs and possibilities and come back to you with our cooperation proposal. We treat each client individually and we need as much information as possible to properly match our offer.

    .Contact Information_

    _What are you looking for?

    1. Tell us about your business or your product. What are its strengths? What distinguishes you or your brand from the competition? Think of us as potential customers.*

    2. Who is your perfect customer? Do they have a mustache, maybe a tattoo, or perhaps wear a lot of make-up? Who would you like to attract?*

    3. Operation fields. Where your logo will be used? (e.g. Internet, business cards, uniforms, transatlantic ship hull)*

    4. What materials do you need apart from the logo? (e.g. website, company stationery, leaflets)

    5. Do you plan to register the logo as a trademark?*

    .Additional informations_

    Those are optional information. You don't have to fill in all of them, but every piece of information is vitally important for us. So take your time and maybe you will discover something about your brand that you didn't think about before.

    .The Vision_

    6. It gets harder. Describe the brand using only three words.

    7. What values make the brand vision? Who is behind that vision? What makes the brand unique? What is the brand's main goal?

    8. Who are the main competitors and why do they don't stand a chance?

    9. What the deadline is? When do you plan to start promoting your business/product?

    10. Is there a budget you need to stick to? How much can you initially invest in brand creation?

    .The Look_

    11. Preferred colours:

    12. Symbol or theme:

    13. Additional text (e.g. 'BigBurger: Best burger in town')

    14. Do you have a vision for the logo? Describe it to us.

    15. Favorite logo? Which companies/products (not necessarily from your branch) have a symbol that you particularly like or that stuck in your mind?

    I agree to receive info and offers by email relating to Uroboros Design