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Hey there! Nice to meet You! We call ourselves Uroboros Design and we are creative studio from Poland. We are not the greatest nor the cheapest but we will do everything we can to give You everything You need. We specialize in logo design and company identity, but we make everything – from a banner on Your fence to a website and social profile. Give us a sign what You need and let’s get to know each other.



but we sure can make something look like one


logo, websites, social media


stationery, print, advertising
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outdoor, indoor, web design


vector graphic, digital painting, traditional art

We are here to create. Our speciality is creating a positive image of the company, starting with the logo and ending with the website and social media profile. We approach each client individually, analyzing the profile of the company and its customers, based on the principle that the first impression can only be done once.

Without advertising and marketing campaigns, the company is not able to attract new customers. Ads are everywhere, and the competition is big. Our goal is to create advertising projects which, apart from the information role, will be aesthetic and functional. Eye-catching is not dizzying array of colours, but an interesting idea and a clear message. We work with print houses providing comprehensive service – from draft to print and shipping.

We design everything. From print materials to web designs. We create outdoor advertising (banners, billboards, posters, websites), prints (leaflets, business cards, invitations, calendars), display systems (roll-ups, conference walls), web design (websites, landing pages, social media profiles). We also make a text composition. (newspapers, newspapers, brochures, catalogues).

Are stock images not enough? Would you like to stand out from the competition duplicating the same, boring schemes? As an Uroboros Illustrations brand, we create unique designs for our customers. Portraits, infographics, comics and storyboards, illustrations – commercial and non-commercial, digitally and traditionally. Created with passion by hand.


‘A goal without a plan is just a wish.’
~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

We begin every project with a full understanding of its concept and the Client’s needs.

The most important and time-consuming stage of work. Cooperation with Client and discussion the details.

Sketch transform into final creation. The order is finalized.

The last stage of the process. The design is delivered to the Client in digital or printed version.

We don’t have printing machines but have friends who have.
We work in cooperation with printing houses providing comprehensive services – from sketch and design to print, logistics and shipping.
You can relax and we’ll take care of everything.
Don’t see a price list? It’s alright, we don’t have one.
Every client is different, every design too. One is complicated, one rather simple. One will take about an hour, one will take a whole week. We want to treat our costumers fair so we value every design individually based on expected actual working hours.

We do not duplicate

We do not plagiarize. We are creators and we want our work to be respected, so we respect the creativity of others. We can do a similar project in a similar style, but we will never make the perfect copy.

we create unique logos

A logo can be a trademark if it meets a number of requirements. One of them is its originality. Our logos are made by hand – from the sketch on a piece of paper to the final design. We do not use easy-to-access stock images and free public domain clipart and graphics.


When designing we try to neutralize the negative impact on the environment. Simple, minimalist design, in addition to aesthetic, means less ink consumed during the printing process and recycled paper is an elegant and fashionable replacement for the classic white business card.

What is a good design? Is it aesthetically pleasing? Perfectly reflects the idea behind it? Is it perfectly prepared for print and exposure? Follows the latest trends or maybe it has a good price in terms of quality? Obviously, each of these statements is correct.



But can graphic design be good ethically? We think it should be. And it is a bilateral relationship. We try to make for our customers the highest quality projects, guided by six simple rules, in return expecting fair treatment and payment for our work.
we protect copyrights

We use legal Adobe software to provide our customers with the highest quality of service. We do not use materials for which we have no rights. Using images from a Google, a YouTube video, a text from an article, a website, or an ad folder requires the author’s permission.

we design ethically

We do not create projects calling for violence, intolerance, racism or xenophobia, directly or indirectly attacking individuals or groups, violate human and animal rights or in any way does not comply with company policy and morality of graphic designers.


We do not lower our prices. We work fairly with clients and competitors. We prepare the valuation based on the estimated work time. We also do not disclose our customer’s sensitive data to third parties.


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Spacecraft communications LOGO thumb - Uroboros Design
Kornelia Tabor logo thumb - Uroboros Design
WiseBit logo thumb - Uroboros Design
PRINTCOMEX LOGO box thumb - Uroboros Design
biatherm LOGO cloth patch thumb - Uroboros Design
on the bias LOGO magazine thumb - Uroboros Design
FancyTamarin LOGO leafs thumb - Uroboros Design
Not enough? Want to see more of our work? Check our Behance and social media profiles to be up to date.

Our illustrations can be found here:

uroboros illustrations logo RGB 310x100 - Uroboros Design


trust us kultura na co dzien 300x150 - Uroboros Design
trust us drukoland 300x150 - Uroboros Design
trust us om the bias 300x150 - Uroboros Design
trust us zielona trufla 300x150 - Uroboros Design
trust us neo net 300x150 - Uroboros Design
trust us papillon 300x150 - Uroboros Design
trust us biatherm 300x150 - Uroboros Design
trust us kornelia tabor 300x150 - Uroboros Design

Give us a sign. We answer as soon as we can.

Need a logo? Fill our brief and tell us something about you:

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