Kornelia Tabor
Kornelia Tabor logo sign - Kornelia Tabor
Kornelia Tabor branding pack 2 - Kornelia Tabor
Kornelia Tabor branding pack - Kornelia Tabor
beauty salon
branding/promotional materials

Mrs Kornelia runs a beauty salon in a small town. Residents know her by name, so it was important that the logo was clear and legible locally. We decided to rely on the initials “KT” and cleverly hide the attributes associated with the activity.

In addition, we designed for Mrs. Kornelia a number of promotional materials: business cards, service price list, vouchers, premises exposition. We also dealt with the presentation of her brand on Facebook. We have created, as Uroboros Illustrations, a portrait of Mrs. Kornelia, for a professional but milder and more direct contact with fans and customers.

All materials were based on loose, slightly girlish colours of powder and violet, breaking the stereotype that everything pink must be infantile and kitschy.

Kornelia Tabor logo - Kornelia Tabor

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